Review by Sennett, Bathan
and Namuel Garfield

He's our dad too!

We're not the most famous Garfield boys but Larry has been outstanding to us as well.

When we came out of the unholy vortex in the backyard at our house and met Gracie for the first time, we weren't sure we would be accepted by the family inside the house. But after meeting our shadow-brothers and Jennifer and Larry, we knew we would always be welcome. Larry especially made it clear that we would never be without a real dad, even if we left our shadow-father back in the vortex.

Ever since, we have lived so well in the Garfield household, eating all the shadow-meat and drinking all the anti-beverage we could ever want. We were treated to comfort, mineral resources, and time with Gracie. What more could three boys from a hellacious nether-world want?

He gave us everything we needed - and more!

Naturally, as any human being would, Larry was at first extremely disturbed by our very existence, but as he came to know us, he bestowed upon us his very best. He would read us stories at bed time, help us mine the precious mineral resources we needed to consume to stay alive, and also repeatedly told us that his mineral resources were ours as well. What a guy!

It is easy to say he's the best father we've ever known, nether-world included! And while we're not ones for the spotlight or even for being in public, he loved us just the same.

10 / 10 - Without a doubt, the best dad in any plane of existence!!