Review by Sam Garfield

He's my dad, that's for sure

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's MY DAD!!

Wow, what a dad! Larry has been my father for a little over 24 years now, and honestly I couldn't be happier with my experience. We've done all the classic father-son activities: riding bikes, playing catch, "Take-Your-Son-To-Work Day", vacations, road-trips with a dog in the backseat, you name it.

He's not your average dad

One of my favorite experiences with my dad was on our first camping trip. It was me, Larry, and my older brother Nathan. We had all your basic camping mishaps: I cut my elbow while swimming in the water, we had heavy rain, we had to cook on the gritty campsite stove, and we had little padding in our tent from the cold, jagged ground below.

But through and through, my dad was a rock (pun intended!). He bandaged my wound, he cooked with an umbrella, and he walked off his back pain like a champ. We had a great time out in the wilderness, making up jokes about made-up people and learning new things about each other away from the normal comforts of home.

Through it all, he's been an outstanding dad. He's a constant source of wisdom, humor, and unconditional love and support. And I love him so much. WOW! EXTRAORDINARY DAD! 

10 / 10 - He has my highest recommendation, except... he's MY dad. Get your own dad! HAHA!