Review by Nathan Garfield

What more could you want?

After a lifetime of having a dad like my dad, you can only reflect and say "Wow, what a dad."

My dad is one of a kind. I know this because while some people have more than one dad, I only have one. Many people would hear this fact and say "what?? only one dad???" but I say back to them "HEY. ONE DAD IS ENOUGH WITH A DAD LIKE MINE!"

Throughout my life I always knew that my dad was my dad, but when I really realized that he was my dad, I truly felt like he was my dad. He's always been there for me, always supportive, sometimes annoying, lots of times annoying, but even more times loving and wonderful.

My dad goes the distance

Back in 2011, I went out to California to work two internships in the film industry. Not only did I get those internships through my dad's help, but he also let me drive his car 3,000 miles across the country to use while I worked. Towards the end of the trip, dad flew out to Burbank and I picked him up, and after nearly two months of being on my own in California, nothing made me happier than to see him.

We spent time in LA eating at an Indian restaurant and enjoying the sights, and then we embarked upon our momentous journey back to our home in Pennsylvania. We went through Albuquerque and enjoyed the delicious green chiles, got lost in Kansas and fought over the directions, ate at an Applebee's while watching the women's world cup in Dodge City, and listened to and appreciated the one and only radio station in Missouri. He then took me to Chicago and we enjoyed the art museum there and enjoyed possibly the most scorchingly hot game of Cubs baseball. Not only did we travel across the country, but we had a lot of fun doing so.

After Chicago, we were precipitously close to my birthday, and of course with me turning 21, I desperately wanted to be back in PA to see my friends. This man, the father in my life, sacrificed his comfort, his time, and most likely his sanity and helped me drive nearly 16 hours back to PA directly from IL. Not a lot of people would do that, but my dad goes the distance.

My whole life has been an exciting adventure not coincidentally involving my dad's hard work. He has always provided for me, my brothers, my mother, and many others in his life and not once have I heard him complain about it. Not only has he provided a life for us, but he's also made it fun and full of love. He's a true hero, one in a million, and saying "I love my dad" doesn't even get CLOSE to my real feelings.

Without a doubt, and with absolutely no reservations whatsoever, Larry Garfield recieves...

10 / 10 - Would recommend to others