He's Our Dad

Lawrence Neil Garfield.
When you hear a name like that, the first thing that may come to mind is an orange cat that doesn't like mondays. But what SHOULD come to mind is the thought, "Wow, now THAT'S a dad!" For years Lawrence (or the more colloquial Larry) has tirelessly fathered a number of boys and helped them to blossom into strong young men. The proof is everywhere you look. Is that Nathan Garfield? Is that, no that's not, is that Sam Garfield there? Hey wait a minute, is that, no it can't be, Bennett Garfield??? Yes, in fact it IS those three. Because Larry is a true father.

He's a family man, and OUR dad, not yours, okay?

Now, there are a lot of dads out there, but what you all need to understand is this: Larry Garfield is OUR dad! Can you understand that? I'm telling you he actually isn't your dad. He's ours! If the teachings of the buddha turn out to be real and reincarnation is the fate of everyone who reaches death, you might be reborn with LG as your dad, but in this realm, in this reality, he's our dad! Get used to it!!

Now I know what you're all thinking at this point. What's to say he's truly a father? What's to say he's fathered real children through their life journeys? What is he like?
Well, for all you out there we dedicate this website. It's a testimony to the true fatherly nature of Larry Garfield, our dad.


The Evidence Is Everywhere

Almost anywhere you look in this crazy world you'll see proof that Larry Garfield is the father in our lives. He's on boats, near ancient ruins, on football fields, and sitting in concert halls. You almost can't escape his fatherly presence!!

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