February 28, 2014

He's a real dad, what can I say?

All in all, my dad is the best out there.

I find this dad to be an excellent choice.  He is very naturally fitting for me and really pushes for me to succeed.  His hard-working aura radiates through the house (It might be making me a little sore) and he beeps whenever he starts to do work on his computer (every 10 minutes with hour breaks every 60 minutes).  It gets annoying but I can understand it.

When he isn’t workin’ the ol’ gears in his office, he is just the most fun dad to have around, whether it’s in the car, having dinner, or watching TV.  His sense of humor has obviously rubbed off on me and my brothers; we joke about almost anything and we can talk about almost anything.

He's number 1

The best memories I have had with my dad have been the little songs that we come up with in any circumstance.  Sometimes we’re watching a movie we’ve seen too many times, or talking about something we really enjoy together, and some sort of little theme comes up, which really says something about our relationship with music and how it affects our lives.  One that always comes back is the “Dreidel Autumn Day” song, which was one of my favorites over the years.

All in all, my dad is the best out there, with an adept ability to raise quality children, teach them about the world, and help them to make their lives better each day.

10 / 10 - A truly excellent dad